Making Quality Silage – Use Silage Film

Corn is a staple food for livestock animals. To make corn better and more nutritious, you need to think of making silage. Silage is associated with many thriving farmers,and so if you want to join the class of successful livestock farmers, you need to make silage for your livestock.silage covering

The process of making silage out of corn is very easy. First, you need to determine when to harvest your corn ready for silage making. The recommended age is immediately after flowering. This is when corn is rich in nutrients, and you need to take advantage of that. When it comes to harvesting, the method you use will depend on the size of your farm and the resources available. For huge farms, mechanisation is economical and efficient.

Once corn is harvested, it is chopped in the recommended size and then put in either a silage pit or a flat surface that is covered with silage film. Then, you will continue putting in silage while pressing it to ensure that there are no spaces that would eventually lead to spoilage. The pressing can be done using water drums or a tractor, depending on the size of the silage pit. You will continue loading and pressing silage until there is no more silage.

At this stage, your silage is not yet covered and this where the silage covering come in handy. By shielding the silage with quality film, you will be sure that water damage is not a problem. Also, since the silage will be in an open place and will not be covered by soil as it were several years back, you need to ensure that the silage cover being used is weather resistant, i.e. UV stable. This way, you can be sure that the sealed content is safe from weather damages.

After covering your silage carefully, you need to put some weight on the top of the cover. Remember you are suing silage film which is very light and can be blown away by wind and in the process, it will tear, exposing your silage. Putting weight can be easily done using tires. You can collect old tires from a garage or your neighbourhood and use it to keep your silage bank safe. With quality silage covering, you can rest assured that your silage will be of high quality at the time of feeding. The only way to be sure of quality silage film is to buy from the reputable suppliers in the market. Getting a reliable supplier will not be a problem since many livestock farmers are already using silage film and this means you can get recommendations from them regarding where to buy quality silage film.